2022 Is A Year For “Communications!”

COMMUNICATIONS! COMMUNICATIONS! COMMUNICATIONS! For 2022, it’s the new “Location! Location: Location!” cry for 2022 success!.

Happy New Year!   2022 is tomorrow and I wish you the most successful of years, business wise and health wise!   Contributing to both will be what I’m talking about here … communications!!   Have you noticed that everywhere you look, quality communications is the prescription for making everything better and positioned for success!  It is the newly recognized “glue.”

By “communications” I mean, engaging and going deeper into conversations than just surface chit chat … exploring the why’s, how’s and what’s that are behind and/or beneath what is being shared and discussed in engaging communications. You might call it “tending” to the topic at hand … giving whatever is being discussed,attention and care …”tending” to the elements within our conversations with others –  both written and verbal!

Communicating is the “newly” prescribed cure for:
– Seller to buyer success
– Leadership success
– Team and peer-to-peer success
– Management success especially with hybrid office situations
– Family success
– Relationship success
– Self-confidence success, our conversations with ourselves!

WHERE & HOW to begin?  

  1. Be aware! Look for the needs & opportunities: 
    Where are your weak links with people,
    Where are your weak links with yourself?
    What needs to be strengthened?
    What needs to be “tended” to?
  2. Begin engaging with what you have in common with the other person:
    What do you share?
    What is a common denominator between your lives?
    The ideas can be many especially depending upon what you are trying to improve. Maybe its:
    – how you both ended up working at the same company?
    – a currently shared success?
    – how the drive in the pouring rain was that AM?
    – liking of what one is wearing & story behind it?
    – what made you fall in love?
    …again.. something you have in common where there “is” strength”
  3. Lead the conversation from the strength to the weakness and then ask questions to get agreement on the weakness. DO NOT ACCUSE anyone of weakness. The mindset is that “A SITUATION” is not working.
  4. Explore and encourage a sharing of thoughts, feelings, ideas for improving,”the situation” i.e. develop a feeing of camaraderie and fellowship … remembering that both and/or all participants are respected and valuable.
  5. Tend to the deeper elements of the weakness. Really nurture shared ideas and thoughts within your communications so that all discussed will be remembered and given attention after the immediate communications are over. Godeep. Go beyond surface chit chat which will accomplish nothing.
  6.  Enjoy a strengthened “situation” and/or an elimination of a problem!  But keep your eye on it as it solidifies… .managing its twists and turns as all progresses into the next “situation” that needs tending to!

Can these 6 steps be applied to written communications, marketing communications, all business communications?  Absolutely, YES, the same used as you develop your communications strategies.  Giving guidance and direction
on this is what I do. Apply it to simply conversations, marketing campaigns,
selling …. where ever you need strengthening and/or a sale!!

Happy New Year!! Let me know how I might be of assistance in 2022.
Here’s to your communications success in 2022!



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