Welcome to my website …

My story begins in the year 1978 when the telecommunications industry was just beginning to evolve publically! Fresh out of the mountains of Colorado, I stumbled into this new industry pretty much only known by those who worked for Pac Bell (at the time) and those who served in the military. I can actually remember cold calling one day and telling a prospect that we were in the frontier days. He explicitly told me to call him back when we had our flags flying at the United Nations. Such fun memories.

I proceeded to spend 25+ years in corporate America as this new industry of voice and data networking evolved. It is a treasured experience that gave me a front row seat for much of the action that transpired and the platform that has led to what we are enjoying and using today.

Working with Fortune 1000 companies throughout the United States as a sales and marketing professional, my responsibilities included sales and network design for the very first public packet switching networks as well as being a member of the very first team of sales people for Cisco Systems! I literally was out there working with the internet when it was just a dirt road.

Today’s Way began in 2000 as a website design and content development business. Shortly thereafter, trainings were added for creating effective 1-to-1 email communications and for creating online newsletters with CRM functionality (enabling targeted communications and relationship building). Today, with all business marketing shifting to social media, we have 3 areas of focus:

    Today's Way teaches businesses how to create "connecting" communications for social network postings, blog postings, email (1-to-1 & group), live in person conversation! Our clients learn how to sell without selling, how to communicate "effectively" online & offline! We offer this via training, consulting & ongoing coaching programs. There is no time to "miss"your mark ... we make sure you "hit" it with every interaction ...we make sure your words "work!"
    Our signature program, T H E,  is based upon a communications standard used for computer connectivity.  It has 7 layers of connectivity and we have adapted it to be applicable for communications strategies with targeted goals and/or other any type of goal that you may have. We work together on an actual 'live" goal that you have. It doesn't get better than this .. learn all the 7 layers with a private tutor!!!    Once it's learned in one application you know how to apply it for any type of goal.  
    LinkedIn is our favorite resource for business professionals. Why?  Because LinkedIn "gets us!"   They know what business professionals need and provide multiple platforms (for free) with ways to reach out and connect with other professionals and/or simply engage with lots of new people!  We offer several packaged trainings but  our favorite is to custom design trainings based upon client's  needs!! 

Why Work With Us?
"YOU" are always first as we strategize each service for your individual & unique business communications needs. We listen to you because we want to help you! We "get it "~ we're good at it ~ have done it for years ~ our purpose is to have you "get it" also! Many of your problems have been ours & we know how to help you solve them. We've experienced many "aha moments" & we want you to benefit also!