Create An Editorial Calendar

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Social Networking?

One way is to use an Editorial Calendar! 

What is an Editorial Calendar? 
It's an allocation & assignment of your communications
by  Month, Week and/or Day.

How do I create my communications for my Calendar?
That is what our training is all about.
Calendars are of no use without effective content
and effective content needs effective implementation.

The Golden Ticket is having both assist each other.
"Content & Timing" working together.
i.e. using a calendar forces you to think about content and creating content forces you to think about where, how and WHEN you will implement it. 

This is the partnership you will learn to utilize in our training :

How To Create An Editorial Calendar "FOR YOU!"

In this online training you will learn how to take ONE SIMPLE THOUGHT and turn it into a week's worth of "effective" online content that will:

  • Maximize the effectiveness of your communications about your thought.
  • Acquire greater visibility via ability to use all appropriate resources.
  • Have an assigned purpose for each communication.
  • Be realistically implemented per your schedule, needs & wants.
  • Simplify your life and save you TIME!

It's True

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How To Create An Editorial Calendar "For You!"

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