Where & How To Find “Specific” Types Of Contacts Online!

Twitter  and  LinkedIn, are two online resources where you can search for specific types of contacts; CEO’s, VP’s, Business Owners, Runners, Moms, and anything else you may want to connect with!

Twitter offers a more casual environment that also provides “immediate” engagement.  You can search for CEO’s, VP’s, Business Owners, Moms, Runners, Seniors, etc and start immediately engaging with their tweets if you like!

How it works is you log into your Twitter account and simply put the “type” of contact you are looking for in the search window.  A list of “people” will appear in the dropdown.  The very last option on the dropdown is “search all people for [type]”   A full page of people, three across, will be presented!  This is when you can also filter your results by those closest to you geographically.  As you start  exploring each one, you’ll know which ones are active and available to engage with.
LinkedIn is more formal.  You can search via the directory for specific types of contacts and then you have two ways to engage:

  1. “Connect” with them. This means sending a LinkedIn request to connect which includes an email message ( or not). Once they are connected to you, you can actively engage.
  2.  “Follow” them.  Go to their profile page there is a drop down that allows you to follow a contact. This means that you will be shown in your live feed their status updates and  their published posts as long as they allow the public to see these two capabilities.   You may then engage as a follower via comments, likes & shares, NO emails.

A popular strategy is to find people on Twitter and then bring them over to LinkedIn.  Both options leave doors wide open for inviting new contacts into your business world.   Go out there and start “connecting!”


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