How Are Business Relationships Formed?

“How Are Business Relationships Formed?”
Business Relationships, i.e. Sales/Marketing Relationships are formed in the same way as all relationships!

  • First, there is a “matching” that attracts! Nothing specific, just a good feeling that there is a future to explore -> TRUST!
  • Second, something “specific” is discovered that is in common with both sides -> CREDIBILITY!
  • Third, more commonality, matches, and at a deeper level, needs and solutions are explored and acknowledged. Could this be perfect? -> EXPERTISE!
  • Fourth, sharing details & matching details, and more sharing details & matching details … if all are doable ……LOYALTY evolves:

–> the business relationship forms a client.

–> the schoolyard banter forms into a lifelong friendship.

–> the bar room conversation brings dating that forms marriage.

The steps within the process are the same! Don’t make it be more than it is because when doing so, the flow is gone, doubt creeps in, many miscommunications follow –> all falls apart!

Be #communicationsstrong

Here’s to your communications success!


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