How To Choose Marketing Resources!

Instagram Reels? Stories?  Snapchat? TicTok? LinkedIn LIVE?  Twitter Chat? Video? Podcast? Flyers? Ads? Text?  FB Messenger?  Text?  Direct Message? Email? Telephone?  The list is endless!!

SO MANY RESOURCES TO CHOOSE FROM? They all shout “winning” reasons for using them … so should you use ALL of them? Only a few? Do the bells & whistles make a difference?

Where do you begin? Here is something for you to try … BEGIN just like you do when looking to hire a person. Create a job description of what you need done and then interview the applicants!

Example #1:

You need a resource that will enable you to attract people to your business. The job description might be something like this:

“this job requires having access to new contacts, either directly or indirectly, that match our targeted demographics, i.e.  professionals over 40 who need guidance for changing their career. Also required is the ability to be relationship oriented, i.e. the ability to support the successful establishing of rapport; and transparently lead new contacts to an awareness of our existence.  Soft selling support is very important. Must also support trust building techniques.”

TickTok, Facebook, Instagram Reels, and LinkedIn apply.  You immediately thank and dismiss TikTok and facebook because of the age demographics. Instagram Reels & LinkedIn definitely are stronger and both can support developing  awareness. LinkedIn may have a stronger access to the targeted demographic and also multiple methods for supporting indirect & direct ways to attract contacts….. LinkedIn would get the job offer.

Example #2: 

A trainer is needed for trainings on a new machine that helps moms do the laundryThe trainer must be able to instill the simplicity of using the machine, and how it is one of a kind. 

Applicants include a pdf doc detailing each step in using the machine; a slideshow showing each step of using the machine with photos & easy to read written description below;  a recorded video; a facebook live training upon purchase. 

  • The pdf and the slideshow are eliminated as not being able to simplify the process as successfully as the other applicants.
  • Video is intriguing as it could serve two roles … one for training and one for marketing. It can also be referred to after the initial training.
  • The live facebook could be excellent for training as it allows live Q & A. It’s a lot more restrictive but could definitely deepen customer bonding and contribute towards loyalty. 
    This becomes a toss up! Maybe both applicants could be hired?  OR maybe the job search continues … find more “applicants” for that PERFECT match!!

An added benefit to writing out your job descriptions for each required task in your business is that you start thinking of things that would not necessarily come to mind. In writing example #2, the live Q& A is something I hadn’t thought about until I started writing!!  You also pick up much more clarity on what you are doing and why!  

Start playing with this approach.  Use it for any task.  Who/what can best open doors?  Who/what can best nurture and lead prospects? Who/what can best service existing customers?  

Explore which resources can best support and/or deliver the messaging needed at the right time … for example, in many cases videos are not great for attracting people who are not yet looking for what you offer, as they have no reason to click the video open much less take the time to watch.  However with the right product a video might be a great for attracting … for example, if you sell camping gear, videos on our national parks, etc. might do a great job attracting future prospects.  

It all comes down to your job description. 

Worse case, this exercise, forces you to give some deeper thought to your marketing/selling needs and how you address those needs. 

Here’s to your communications success in 2022!




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