Joyful Not Fearful Selling Invitation

Oh the discomfort of selling! I know it all too well, but I was blessed with a training that turned it all around for me and I have never looked back. Now I want to provide that experience plus so much more to all who struggle with sales.

Business professionals, at all levels of success, are invited to come to a place where ALL can go from "fearful to joyful selling. "  A safe place to acquire a new positive perspective about selling, share ideas with peers, gain confidence, receive feedback, obtain training, and basically have your own private "go to" for support and counseling for your selling success! Oh, and of course, lots of networking is encouraged and lots of fun happens also! We are all there for each other!

A small group of founding members joined me last May and it is time to build upon the experience they have gained from each other and me with additional members. We are looking for 10 – 15 new members to be with us by November 1st! 

If this has interest
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You will be joining a safe community for business professionals (of any experience) that will take anyone struggling with selling for any reason,
- fear
- discomfort
- anxiety
- a sense of being pushy & rude
- and more!

- being comfortable and feeling natural about the selling process;
- being in-sync and true to personal values and style;
- feeling new-founded grace, ease when bringing one’s solutions to the needs of others
- enjoying sales as a fun adventure that is being of service to others

In addition to multiple types of learning experiences, there are lots of opportunities for interaction, where as already mentioned,  we all give and receive feedback on anything and enjoy a think tank of sorts environment for ongoing support,  testing of ideas, and more with networking naturally evolving.

Whatever your level of comfort or discomfort with selling is,  you are invited to join us! 
Membership includes:

  1. Two monthly group chats on random topics – the 3rd and 4th Monday
  2. One monthly webinar, on the 2nd Thursday on a topic related to sales, marketing, communicating.... available for live attendance and saved as video recordings for 24/7 access.
  3. Private membership group, currently on LinkedIn and available for interaction 24/7.
  4. Private 1-on-1 coaching sessions upon request at discounted fee of $75.00 vs regular fee of $225 (max of one per month as available on schedule of events).
    5. Locked in Monthly & yearly membership fees for life -  $47 per month, $397 for one year! 

The doors are open until November 1st or upon reaching 15 members - we are waiting for you! Come be one of our 15!

Contact me, 310-306-1453 or

Ready to join us?   Joining this weekend you can jump right into our open discussion this Monday, October 23rd!! 
Choose a link below and click to join!
$47 Monthly Membership To the Joyful Not Fearful Selling Group

$397 Yearly Membership To The "Joyful Not Fearful Selling Group

​Welcome from all of us ... 
Margie (me)  and Janet, Corby, Linda, Alice and David!!