Personalized LinkedIn Training

YES!  I Would Like "Personalized" LinkedIn Training!

Personalized LinkedIn Training takes all the mystery out of LinkedIn and enables you to take charge and put yourself on a path that will generate confidence and success in using LinkedIn. It includes all of the following:

  • Developing Your LinkedIn Profile page.   Together we will develop your profile page content and presentation so that it speaks directly to your profile page visitors,  enabling them to immediately know if they want to connect with your and/or contact your to do business!   Together we will also optimize your profile page for high ranking in search results done both within the LinkedIn search and public search engines, i.e. Google, Bing, etc.
  • A Beginning Strategy For Your Use Of LinkedIn: Based upon your purpose in using LinkedIn, together we will design a beginning strategy for your use of LinkedIn.  Within this strategy we will identify which pieces of LinkedIn will be needed to implement your strategy. 
  • Be Put Into Action:   Once you have your strategy and the pieces you need for getting results from your strategy, you are trained on how to put it all together.  One-on-one training on the pieces and training on how you will put them together for YOUR purposes.   You will know what your "process" for using the LinkedIn pieces is and you are not left alone until you are comfortable. 
  • You Take Charge!   At this point you know what you are doing and why for your initial use of LinkedIn.  Yo u may purchase more training & consulting or you may feel just fine on your own as you are also receiving with your Personalized LinkedIn Training Program, enrollment in the A-Z LinkedIn Training.
  • Enrollment In A-Z LinkedIn Training:   The A-Z LinkedIn Training is given each quarter of the year.  It is a complete overview of all the pieces of LinkedIn. It covers technical "how to"  and possible strategies.  The intent of this training is to enable users to know "all" their options and then define their own system for using LinkedIn.  Combining the strong footing received via the Personalized Training with the A-Z Training assures you ongoing confidence and control of all that you do on LinkedIn.  It's the best of the best.  Click Here to know more about the A-Z Training.

Are Your Ready To Get Started? 
All Of The Above is Available NOW For A Low Fee of $500. 00.

Pay in one full payment or two $250 payments, 30 days apart.