My signature formula for creating & delivering
targeted communications that achieve your goals.

Know what you need to do to get the job done! 

Use for: 
Communication Strategies 
A Plan Of Action 
 Lots of other purposes!

Achieve  targeted goals via communications that are created 
systematically, have purpose,  and deliver success .. 

Messaging that Connects! 

Use of Correct Mediums! 
Maximize & Ignite Your Success.

Choose the components of your communications with 
confidence and harness them into tightly woven 
layers of connectivity ... knowing they will take you 
where you want to go, with NO getting off track!  

Execute Knowing You've Got This.
Be In Control Of Your Business Growth! 
Be In Control Of Reaching Your Goals.

T H E - 7 Step Formula is adapted from a proven conceptual model for communications' standards used in all computing and telecommunications systems. This model has 7 layers of connectivity for communications that begins with the signals entering at the plug level to what you see & hear on your computer screen,

I worked with these 7 layers throughout my 25+ year corporate career in telecommunications and have always seen how the layers relate to the way our human interactions are processed and understood.  When you break it down, the exact same layers of connectivity exist in our daily interactions, communications  & decision making... almost like clockwork. 

Now, to apply this knowledge to sales communications, relationship building,  goal achievement, and really any desired outcome you desire to achieve is amazing.  Having direction and knowledge of what one is doing for what has often been guess work and "gut" feelings provides so much confidence.  Plus another amazing component is when things do go off course, its pretty easy to know where to go to fix it. . 

T H E  empowers you with its ability to provide communications  definition, direction, exactness, confidence, and success. 

takes your communications from a beginning to a final outcome. It provides you with a step by step directive to follow for achieving your goal. The seven steps in the formula are: 

Define Goal 

Communication Process 
Communications Content
Communications Medium 

Directive Ready

Once learned, you may use the formula and its process
for just about anything that you want to accomplish.
It may be applied to:

A Marketing Plan, long or short 
Selling A Specific Item 
Choosing A Networking Group 
Having Your Children Respond As Desired

Are you ready to give it a try? 
Choose an actual "real life" goal and together
we will apply T H E 7 Step Formula! 

JOIN ME 1-1    

  • ​CHOOSE A GOAL that is a "real life" goal within your business communications. 
  • LEARN TO DEVELOP the 7 layers of connectivity for a "tight & effective" strategy.   Includes some content development. 
  • HAVE 1-ON-1 GUIDANCE throughout all your learning sessions!  Undivided attention & training.

By Phone/Online -  60 - 90 minutes each

Session One - Layers 1 & 2
Session Two - Layer 3        
Multiple Sessions - Layers 4,5,& 6     
 Final Sessions - Layer 7           

Introductory Pricing
      $1297 Paid In Full       

2-Pay Option 
$649 every 30 days
3-Pay Option
$433 every 30 days
More options available upon request


 Contact me at 310-306-1453. 
(Use Subject Line: 7 Step  Formula)

Strategy to be based upon a mutually agreed upon
 "real life" need of workshop attendee. 
   Actual implementation not included. 
   May be added at additional cost