What Does “Digging Deep” Mean?

Dig Deep! What does “Digging Deep” mean? We hear the phrase used quite frequently in conversation, but how often do we really hear the words and respond by “digging deep?”

The phrase can actually stimulate multiple types of actions based upon the situation it is referencing. In general the phrase directs us to “find out more” … “find the source” ….of something. What that “something” is can vary and may include digging deep into:

– the external (or internal) history of a topic

– our internal values

– a knowledge base located internally or externally

– source of our emotions

– source of strength, energy

Digging Deep helps us understand a situation and/or people, including ourselves. It also can give us more capability, insight, empathy, knowledge, awareness, growth, maturity, and the list goes on!!! It’s kind of a good habit to grab on to, wouldn’t you say?

The process is pretty simple – it is often subliminal, but when broken down, it’s a process of following a series of links that connect to each other, beginning with where we are at and what is going on in front of us. From this surface layer we can go to the previous “link” and continue on down each connection to “deeper” layers … and finally the “deepest” source of info for achieving our purpose. Fascinating stuff!

PURPOSE is a huge guiding light in the process of digging deep. Knowing what your purpose is will keep you on track when going deep…. It is actually the same “purpose” used to take ourselves forward For example when we need that one more burst of energy for the purpose of accomplishing a task, that purpose is what drives us to dig deep to find that energy! It’s the same purpose we used when we first set out to accomplish the task prior to needing to dig deep.

So let’s walk through “Digging Deep” in an everyday application:

THE PURPOSE: Know why you chose what you are wearing today!

  1. you chose what you are wearing because you have a zoom call .-> business attire
  2. what was the image of yourself you were trying to project -> professional
  3. why did you choose the color -> black makes me feel more grounded in my profession
  4. why did you choose the style -> turtle neck under tailored jacket -> cold outside, season
  5. why a tailored style – east coast traditional business classic taste
  6. does the east coast influence enter into all your attire decision -> kind of, sure.
  7. and so on until this simple “what do you have on” can take you to other levels of exploration. To continue …
  8. does the east coast influence other things that you do, business & personal? -> absolutely
  9. what is the first other thing that you do -> favorite sport teams
  10. and so it continues…..

Slowing down and thinking through the layers can reacquaint ourselves to ourselves … it is amazing what we forget that is part of our beings!   It also helps us understand those we live with, play with AND work with!

Making the effort to “Dig Deep” into our business prospects is what will enable us to create the communications that will “connect” to them at all stages of the buyer journey.  When you look at the buyer journey as … TRUST – CREDIBILITY – EXPERTISE – LOYALTY …. we need to know more about our prospects than just their immediate needs.  We need to “dig in” and explore what makes them tick and then “dig deep” to find those links within those layers that drive “THEIR PURPOSE” …. this is what we must connect with!

Make a habit to remember to “Dig Deep!”  Go for finding MORE! Try it out on yourself …. what makes you choose a restaurant, drive a certain route, choose a movie, but a stock, etc

AND OF COURSE .… Dig Deep to discover & learn more about your prospects! Be #communicationsstrong

Here’s to your communications success in 2021!