5 Ways To Post About Your Business Without Talking About Your Business

How do you talk about your business in daily online postings without appearing to be selling, advertising, simply trying to push people into doing business with you?

How can I post about my business, but mix it up. Make my postings be related to my business but be more interesting and not all sound the same?

These are questions I get asked quite frequently. And there are so many answers. There are literally unlimited ways to post about your business comfortably AND in a variety of “original” interesting ways.

Here are just 5 ways for you to post about your business without talking about your business:

  1. Share your industry news with readers.
    Readers will see these posts and connect you to your industry. For “new” connections it’s a first step for them to associate you to your industry and for your “regulars” it is a show of your professionalism and being on top of your game. The Pulse section of LinkedIn is a great place to find up to date industry news and of course, Google is king! Keep your eyes on the news in general and if there is any connection between the world/local news and your industry …post about that!
  2. Share your “value.”
    Talk about what your business provides without mentioning your business products and services. For example, for a business that sells boats; A post could be as simple as – “The value of a day out on the water! All the worries of the office are gone! ” OR you could use a story format such as,
    “Picture this! You’ve had a hectic week in the office. It’s Friday and you’re heading down to the docks to board your boat just in time to unwind with a beautiful view of the sunset. A few friends come by to visit and you all go for an evening sail. The cares of the work week are gone. Let the weekend begin!” Share you VALUE … no business talk.
  3. Share client stories.
    This is similar to the above but in this case, you would generically use a client story to share the “value” they received and are experiencing. A popular format is “Before and After.” For example your post might be: “Just heard wonderful news from a Mom who brought us her teenage daughter several months ago. Before: Shy, Reserved, Uncomfortable about her skin. After & NOW: Confident, Lively & Engaging, Comfortable with herself. Love contributing to these changes!” No mention of products and services. You are just sharing results.
  4. Share Photos!
    One more about value using photos. Photos are worth 1,000 words, right? Post images/photos that present what is received via your business offerings. If you provide business loans, show photos of an investment property. If you provide relaxation, show a photo of a beautiful mountain stream or someone just being happy! If you provide energy, show a photo of a runner, a mom running with her kids, and so on. You might add “your own” quote on some and leave some plain. NOTE: A fun idea; create a story over several posts via several photos!! Remember to number them though. Also .. try taking local “real” photos vs stock photos. Be original.
  5. Talk about community activities.
    Promote and share what is going on where you live. It works for local business but it is also great for national and international audiences. The activities you share can be a common denominator with people and ignite a “reach-out” to you! Talk about your involvement OR just that something is happening. It adds a nice dimension to your online presence both personally and business wise.

Hope these 5 ideas will give you some new energy and direction for your posting success. Include them into a “mix” of types of postings. You must still include postings that make a connection between a reader’s needs and you solutions .. .postings that lead your buyers through the states of attract, connect, engage, and convert.

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