7 Ideas For “What To Talk About” In Online Business Postings!

7 Ideas For “What To Talk About” In Online Business Postings!
Are you one of many out there who can never think of what to talk about in your online business postings? It is probably the one factor that makes people “think” social media takes too much time … they never know what to say!

The fact is there is so very much for you to share as business people! There are endless thoughts, types of information, news, insights, etc available to you. There is absolutely no reason to ever suffer from writer’s block.

Here are 7 ideas for “what to talk about” in your online postings. Take them to heart and they will propel you into an endless generation of awesome business postings. Postings that will attract, connect and convert your readers into clients. Postings that help you grow your business!

  1. Your Industry.
    Google “what’s new” in your industry. Or maybe you already know from other sources. Share a specific about what is happening within your business world …. a statistic, an announcement, any happening that will let readers know about “your world.” This type of posting is great for attracting potential prospects to your “world”… what your business cares about ~ the success stories of your industry .. your purpose.
  2. Community Reach-Out
    Another great way to “attract” but also “connect” with new prospects. Many a business relationship was born because of shared community interests … products and services followed. Talk about how your business is involved with community activities .. what are you supporting, participating in, donating to etc. Be appreciative of being a part of a cause. Show a caring for those the cause or community event is supporting, etc.You can also just let people know what is happening! Yes, it can be that simple. For example, just share that it is National Wear Red Day and explain what that means! Or locally that there is a eco-drive at a school on a certain date coming soon. People love to know what you “care” about!
  3. Products & Services
    This, for some reason, seems to be so difficult for people to know where to begin. To cut through the overwhelm, try this tip. Write on a piece of paper just “one” item that you sell, product or service. Next to it write 3-5 different demographics that purchase it. Next to each demographic write WHY they buy it … what are they “getting” via your product/service. Let’s use a sailboat for example. Sailboats are bought by single men, sailing enthusiasts, and families. Single men buy to impress dates; sailing enthusiasts buy to race; families buy for convenient weekend vacations! Do this for everything you offer .. individually and in packaged offers. You will be buried in posting ideas for attracting, connecting and converting!
  4. Tell A Story
    Everyone loves a story. Can’t think of one? Again, think of something your offer BUT don’t think of it via your mind. Focus on your “heart” as you think about it. Bet you’ll remember something touching, an experience, or a happening that you can turn into a story. It doesn’t have to be long. Actually the shorter the better. Just three sentences will do it .. include a beginning, the message, and an ending~ You’re done!
  5. Your Clients
    Who loves what you offer? Talk about them! People love to see where they “fit” so talking about who purchases and uses what you offer is a great way to “attract” and “connect!” You can’t always talk about what you give, so mix it up by talking about who likes to receive and benefit from your business.
  6. The History Of What You Offer
    Everything has a beginning. Where and how did what your offer begin? What made what you offer happen? Even services have a “birth” .. by you, by the industry, by users, etc. Talk about it! It’s great information to deepen relationships and it’s also usually interesting information to read!
  7. What People Say!
    Testimonials can be great to share in a posting! Ones that refer to specific results with what you offer are the best. Always introduce them though so that readers don’t think you are the one giving your own business all the praise. Remember, your buyers are your best sales people.

Did you think there could be so much to talk about in your your online postings? Just remember to pick specifics in all cases. Don’t try to cover it all in one post. Spread it out. Your audience is huge .. there is time to cover it all.
Hope this posting helps you go forward to attract, connect and convert readers into lots of new buyers for your business, keeping it growing and blooming! Helping businesses create effective online postings is part of what we do here at Today’s Way. Contact us for a customized program to help you with your online postings.

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