9 Reason To Do Your Own Social Networking! NO Outsourcing!

You probably have found yourself thinking, at least once,  about how great it would be to outsource your social networking. Yes?   It’s a tempting thought prior to really knowing all that awaits you via social networking.

When you think about social networking as just one more “to do” it’s natural to want someone else to take it on as though it’s a chore!  But when you think AGAIN, and learn that social networking is:

  • Where your prospects are.
  • Where your clients’ referral & repeat sales are..
  • Where new business awaits you .. immediate and future..
  • Where new ideas and new “out of the box” opportunities wait for you.
  • Where distant contacts you’d love to meet are just a comment away.

Can you really call this a chore?   I hope not because social networking is your BUSINESS!  Hopefully this is exciting to you and reason to want to dive into your own social networkign.  If not or if you need more to think about, here are 9 more reasons NOT to outsource your social networking:

  1. ​​​​​​Sharing The Nuances Of Your Business
    Social networking success comes from sharing the nuances of your business.That  match, deal, opportunity, insight, positioning you experienced this day, week, month from applying the nuances of  your business?   These are the unique and suble differences from “others” in your industry that will catch attention, make connections, bonds, create a desire to know more!   Can you really train an outsider to know & create conversation from the nuances of your business?  Be honest!
  2. Leaving Comments & Engaging 
    The “magic” of social networking comes from leaving authentic comments and likes. Immediate relationships with long staying power are created..  The bonding that occurs has to be experienced to be totally understood. Comments can be placed on postings that have nothing directly involved  or involved at all with your business. The follow-up engagement will eventually bring in business conversation..  It is difficult to know how an outsider can develop such a “rich” source of quality contacts. How and where would they even know where to begin?
  3. Keeping Your Finger On The Pulse 
    Social Networking is here to stay. Daily online marketing activity is the pulse of your business.   It’s important to know what others in your industry are saying and posting. It’s important to know what your clients and prospects are saying. Who;s finger do you want on the pulse of your business? An outsider?  Yours?  An employee?
  4. Story Telling 
    Stories rule!  Stories sell. Sometimes an entire story.  Sometimes a piece of a story.  Sometimes just relaying something that just happened in the office as a story.    Who can do that best?  An outsider .. really?   I think otherwise!  YOU can!
  5. Being In The Moment 
    Posting “real-time” happenings always  creates  attention and can lead prospects to you.   A new deal, new hire, new purchase, new customer, etc!  Always fun and full of “life!”   Can an outsider do this?  Difficult as they are not there to have it posted “real time.”
  6. Bring Readers Into Your Daily Thoughts / Behind The Scenes
    Another type of posting that people relate to and where are bonds are formed is a sharing of your personal thoughts!   Thoughts on the day in the office,  at the store, in the news,  etc.  People are naturally curious and love to know what goes on “behind” the scenes.    Can an outsider do this?   Another difficult task for them to achive.
  7. Relate The News Of The Day To Your Business 
    This is another type of post that gives  “life” to your messaging and creates interest and bonding. When something in the news “is” connected to your business, good and/or bad, people pay attention.  You can open up new connections but it requires kowing how your business relates to the the news of the day.   Can an outsider do this?  Probably not well if at all.
  8. Know What’s Behind Your Metrics
    There are all sorts of metrics out there for the different social networks.  You can receive reports and gather an opinion.   If you are actually doing the activity that creates the metris you KNOW the validity and the reality of the metrics you are reviewing and their value to your business.   This can only be done by you or an insider.
  9. Your Business is YOU!  Your Brand is YOU! 
    If YOU are the business and the brand,  YOU are the best way to transmit that via your online activity.   If you have employees that work within YOUR culture, they are the next best way to include the energy and values or your brand within your posting.  Rather difficut for an outsider!

What are your thoughts now?  Hopefully you can see how you just DON”t want to outsource your social networking.

Here’s to your success via making connections!


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