“I Don’t Have Time!” YES YOU DO!

“I don’t have time for social networking!”

It’s really easy to say, right?   People agree with you so it seems to be an excuse that you can feel is legitimate.

The sad truth is that many who say “I don’t have time for social networking” have never even tried it!  I hope that’s not you.  It may have been cool in the beginning but now it is just hurting yourself not to participate in social networking.

Let me ask you this ~  Do you have time to get dressed in the morning?  Do you have time to stop and have a cup of coffee in the morning?   Social networking works the same way.

Now if getting dressed every morning means starting from scratch and going through everything in your closet, thinking about what you wore in the previous days and what you are going to do that day and THEN choosing what to wear only to find out that something needs to be ironed, or is in the wash, or at the cleaners … .all before your actually get dressed and are ready for the day….  you probably would NOT have time to get dressed  every morning.  Don’t you think?

Social networking is the same.  You can’t log in and then start wondering what you are going to say, be distracted by other people’s posts while you think of what to say,  finally come up with your messaging and then go look for a photo to add with it, etc. etc. etc.   If this is what your are doing , you are right.  You don’t have time for social networking!!!    And the sad part is, if you do all of the above with no significance .. other than to show up with a post for the day ..  you will not have any positive resultsl!

Some of the “truths” about social networking include: 

  • Social networking can be done successfully in less than 10 minutes per day.
  • Success comes from consistency not quantity.
  • Social networking posts are meant to be snipits … not long articles!
  • Having a purpose for each and every post enables you to be time efficient.
  • Allocating an hour or less per week to plan your postings gives you time!
  • and there are more!   Join us on Let’s Connect LIVE! to talk about them.

There is ALWAYS time for tasks that make sense and that contribute to your success.  The first step is identifying your BIG WHY for social  networking. Once you have that you can break all your activity into steps, each with their own purpose It won’t be long before you will be making lots ot time for your social networking. Trust me!

Here’s to your success making connections!

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