Client Personas & Your Brand!

Now that you’ve made a client persona or two ( per our last blog post), let’s talk about matching your buying personas to the voice of your brand and why it is important.    Let’s look at some of the pieces:

  • Client personas, as talked about last week, are representations of your primary types of clients.  You can form them from grouping shared demographics, as appropriate .. maybe age, sex, income, etc.  You can also categorize them by behavior such as style, interests, activities, etc.   Maybe you end up combining both of these in some way.  For my client personas  I grouped types of buyers by buying behavior and all associated specifics. Let me share their names with you!
    – ► Enthused & Open to Learn:   Enthusistic Elizabeth and  Eric
    – ► Price Sensitive:  Frugal Fran & Frugal Fred
    – ► Lack Of Trust In Online Mktg:  Doubting Donna & Doubting Don
    – ► Those that “get it”:   Ready Rita & Ready Richard
    Personalizing my client personas makes it sooooo  much easier to create targeted communications to each one of my personas.
  • Your Brand and its voice! 
    Brands are complex … and brands are much more than just your logo and your colors Brands are a “live” reflection of your values, policies, self-image, style, manners, what you stand for and believe in. Your brand can be made of multiple values, i.e. a belief in excellent customer service, high quality products, and a great work environment, etc. Emphasizing the right portion of your brand to each of your client personas is important.  Diffrent aspects of your brand will resonate more than other aspects of the same brand because people and client personas place value on different things.
  • The Two Together 
    At a presentation given last week on the future direction of digital marketing, it was stated that a brand will be defined by its community. This current direction is referred to as “brand communities.”  A brand community is a group of caring and connected consumers organized around the lifestyle, activities, and ethics of the brand..  There is engagement and bonding!  Your brand is part of the consumer experience! 

    Some thoughts to ponder about brand communities.
    ► A brand community is a business strategy.
    ►  A brand community exists to serve the people in it.
    ►  Engineer the community and the brand will be strong.

  • Matching 
    All of the above comes about by creating matches and engagement between the different benefits and values of your brand with your individual client personas. Know which benefit is most important to each persona. Having clarity for both will maximize your engagement and communications  ….  thus creating a shared truth that evolves vs begin thrown out from a central point.  It all just “is!” within the people you have gathered together.  Exciting!
  • The Role Of CRM, Customer Relationship Management 
    The demographics you grouped together to create your client personas become part of what we refer to as CRM .. Customer Relationship Management.  The individual identifiers that go into a CRM system of any level of sophistication determine how we speak, our tone,  and what we say, contributing to the most effective engagement between your brand and your client personas!!  You can say it helps you create the voice of your brand.

Going forward we’ll be talking more about CRM but for now just know that your brand and “everything”  is dynamic.  Your brand is “alive” and its strength depends upon how strong your attraction, connection and engagment is between your different types of buyers and the elements of your brand that are best matched to them.  it grows organically into something bigger than just you marketing your products and services.

A strong brand community increases customer loyalty, lowers marketing costs,  and generates tons of ideas to grow the business. Through commitment, engagement, and support you’ll see some fantastic returns.

How does all this apply to you?  In every way!   Even if your business is just “you” … you’ve heard the term of wearing multiple hats.  This is another form of that.  AND as a solopreneur you are in full control.  It’s the perfect time to implement the structure you will need to support the flexibility and flow you want to generate.

Here’s to your success via making connections .

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