Client Personas! Have You Made Yours?

Sorting your prospects and buyers into their “whys” for using your offerings enables you to create “personas” for your types of clients.  How many different types do you have?   AND what are the specific conversations you must create to attract, connect, engage and convert them as they go through the steps of the buying journey.

One persona you create may be very focused upon the details of your product.  Another may be more interested in the service that comes with doing business with you and for that reason alone they don’t have deep concern about the products.   And so on ….

It can be eye-opening when you stop and start realizing the different “whys” your current buyers have for using what you sell.  The ideas for attracting future business become much wider in scope… usually going way beyond the products and services themselves.

​​​​​​You also realize how you must change your voice as you engage with eah persona .. .just like you do with humans.  This realization makes it a requirement and fun to add a personality to each persona and also give each persona a name!   Personalize them as much as you can because  each one is who you are going to start having conversations with as you go forward with your marketing strategies and acitivities.

Here is a quick image I put together with a very simple depiction of 3 personas and hopefully it is obvious as to how the marketing conversations could vary per persona.  The product is a type of children’s food.
Once your personas are created and named, you are going to create a process … a buyer journey … for each of your personas.   Start with how they find out about you, at the early awareness stage that I always refer to as “attract” … and move on to what will make a connection, and then what information do you need to create engagement from each connection  and then what do they need to know in order to buy from you.   You should also include what happens after the sale to make sure this persona will be a repeat customer and/or referral.

Give it a try!  It can be eye opening!

Here’s to your success via “making connections! ”

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