Know Thy Clients!

Content is the name of the game in the online mktg arena currently.  Original content.    So how does that work?   Well ….  it’s made up of what you offer, your clients, and the ‘world” that both reside in!   AND if you stick with me, the rest of this year my focus ( with a couple of side detours) will be on helping you know how to implement some great CRM, i.e. Customer Relationship Management within your business and of course making sure you know why!

So this week, let me ask you, ” how well do you know your clients?”
Hopefully you are all becoming aware of the need to know your client’s “why” for buying your products and services.   Because, as many of you already know, what you offer is the HOW for your clients to get what they really want.   This is why you must know their WHY for looking at your offerings, in order to maximize “your” success with your marketing . messaging.

There is still more to know about your clients!   Just for fun pick 10 of your current clients.  Quickly write down what they buy from you and if they buy more than one item, list all that they buy.   Then sort them by age, sex, size (if appropriate)  color, price, where they live, any interests that you know and any other ways to categorize them.  Now let me ask you:

  1. Do you see any obvious patterns that allow you to place them In different groupings?
  2. Do you see conversations that could occur within each group that would be targeted just for each group?

Hopefully you wil be able to form some groupings working with just 10 clients.  If not use a larger test group.  You may have just one single offer, so pick the date they bought their items as a  primary category (just for fun) and also the personal criteria listed above.

Amazing  insight is gained when you do this and lots of ideas emerge for conversations that will make strong connections and build relationships. For example:

  • Multiple product/service purchases, just by themselves, provide ideas for successful up-selling to those who are single buyers.
  • Multiple product/service purchases provide ideas for bundled packages and for promotions!
  •  Age similarities open up targeted conversations around age.  Bring your offerings into these conversations… lead buyers to you.
  • All similar demographics of interests, sex, age etc provide ideas for targeted conversations. Lots of ideas for conversations in which you can bring your offerings to your buyers vs having the conversation be about your offerings.
  • Locations that are shared by clients provide ideas for promotions based around events, weather, local holidays/celebrations etc.

Bottom line .. creativity excels!   Relationship building is effective and based upon real happenings!   You achieve success in your own right BUT guess what?  You also are shining much brighter than your competition.   (assuming they are not also doing this! )  

Know thy clients!   Your clients want you to know some stuff.  It shows you care if you use the information correctly and applied in a relationship building style.

If this all sounds good, continue with more than just 10 of your clients.  Just use a piece of paper or excel.  I’ll be going over other options in the coming weeks.  For now simply lay it out and LOOK at what you find!  See what you DISCOVER that has been sitting right there waiting for you to use for your growing success!   Let me know some of your “wows” in a comment or tow … would love to know.

Here’s to your success via “making connections!”

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