Five Annoying Online Communication Habits. Do You Have Any?

Online communications are very private moments between readers and senders.  Lots can happen in these private moments .. good and bad!   So why not maximize what you can gain during these moments?  Acquire what I refer to as the “easy” points!  Keep your  relationships strong and growing … no steps backwards

Here are some bad habits to stay away from when using email!

  1. Leaving your email subject line blank!
    Let people know what your message is about.  Maybe they want to open it immediately and maybe they don’t. Make it convenient for “them” not yourself.
  2. Using just your first name by itself in the “from” field of your email.
    Unless you are Oprah, it confuses people.  They may think it is from another Mary they know and then find out otherwise.  It’s irritating.  Just now knowing who it is from at all can create a grumble or two from readers.
  3. Sending a message that opens with you telling them they made spelling errors.
    I know … you think you are doing a good deed.   But picture this:   Someone has worked hard on an article and sent it out finally with a message of inspiration.  They send it our to all and you reply with ” I found  typos  in your first 2 paragraphs  …. ”   and say NOTHING about the article!  Ouch!   The advice for this scenario is what should be applied when giving any type of criticism.    Open your message with something good.  Then share that there are a few items they  might want to correct.    You will not strengthen many relationships by starting out what they did wrong.
  4. Beginning a communication to someone you don’t know with Hey!
    Hey or Hey there has become quite popular.  But you are taking a chance when you begin a communication with “hey” to people you don’t know.  It can be taken as far too casual a greeting. That you are assuming a stance you don’t have. You can appear to be disrespectful and careless.  Also snobbish! Assuming?   Think you get the picture .. it is a risky thing to do.
  5. Putting your message in your email subject line.
    Even if it is a short message people anticipate that there is something inside your email. …so they look, and then they scroll down and look some more.  At some point they decide there is no message and they go back to read your subject line.  All very annoying!   And time consuming.  Grumble Grumble!   It may be more convenient for YOU to put the message in the subject line but it isn’t more convenient for the recipient.

Hope these help keep you out of trouble!  Share any that you have in the comments below!   Thanks!


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