Checklist For Creating Marketing Content & Messaging – Online & Off!

How confident are you of the quality of your marketing content & messaging! Business success has never been as dependent upon its quality as it is today. Marketing content & messaging is essential for being seen online and make a difference offline!!

It’s your messaging and what is said with and in your content that creates actionAre you connecting to your buyers? Are your buyers finding you? Do they know what you offer and why they should buy from you?

In today’s online world your messaging has to be more than just an “ad” or a marketing/selling message. You must be in front of your buyers and form a relationship with them before they have any need for what you offer! You can’t wait until they are ready to “buy” to let them know about you. You must start your connection to them very early on. Today’s buyers go to those they know and are familiar with when a problem appears .. they do their own shopping. The earlier you “connect,” the better your chances for receiving their purchase.

Here is a 10 point checklist to get an idea of where you might be with the content and messaging you are currently creating online.

Does your content ….

  1.  Relate to the world you work within? If you sell tennis balls, is you content related to the “world” of tennis? All aspects of tennis and related themes when applicable?
  2. Speak directly to the mindset of your audience? Is your content written for quick and easy connection to the reader’s mindset …. NOT written from your mindset?
  3. Include no use of the word “I” and include the use of the word “you”?
  4. Have a defined and unique purpose for each topic, sentence and word within each sentence?
  5. Have a balanced outreach designated to the individual purposes for each stage of the buyer journey – attract, connect, engage and convert?
  6. Consist of a mixture and balance of images, text, video, blog posts, and articles as “go to” material for your audiences to know more about you and what you offer?
  7. Talk about, (within your mix of other types of posts), what your buyers get from your products & services without mentioning your services?
  8. Specifically target, (within your mix of other types of posts) just “one” tiny specific “hook/need/want” that your buyers have. Not all, just one?
  9. Read as a story …. i,e. have an opening, purpose or why, close? 1) Catch the reader’s attention. 2) Make a specific point, 3) Have a closing with a result, call to action, or other?
  10. Speak “with” your readers not “to” your readers?

Hope you got lots of “YES” answers! Let me know. I also welcome other points you feel are valuable for all of us to know!

If this has left you realizing you need to improve your marketing content & messaging, contact me for a complimentary conversation about where you are at. I have different ways to be of assistance including working with me 1-on-1 during which you will learn the components of successful content and messaging and with my guidance actually create an abundance of material that can be immediately implemented. Click here to review a popular program that pretty much guarantees you ongoing success.

Be #communicationsstrong

Here’s to your communications success in 2021!


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