Is Daily Online Posting Giving You Writer’s Block?

Are you one of many who can never think of what to say in your online business postings?  Especially when you are dedicated to maintaining daily visibility? It can be very frustrating at best.

  •  Do you think you are “over-thinking” it?
  •  Maybe your ideas all sound the same because you can’t get past the broad definition of what you do?
  • Maybe you are used to writing ads that speak “to or at” many vs. the engagement style of social media?

There are many reasons for “writer’s block” when it comes to writing posts. BUT it’s a block you must break through if you want to be successful on social media.
Here are five ways to come up with great ideas that are specific to your business.  Hopefully they will get you going immediately!

  1. Think about recent conversations you have had with clients. 
    Pick a “piece” of the conversation and share it in a post. Let’s say that a client called me to let me know since helping them  with their LinkedIn profile page, their profile views have gone up significantly.  I can grab the piece of this conversation that addressed the value of the professional headline.  To talk about the entire page is too large in scope to make a point but talking about a piece of the profile page can create a hook.
    For example:
    Want more people to visit your LinkedIn profile page? Zero in on your “headline” which shows up all over LinkedIn with your name & photo. Have it clearly  say what you provide, NOT what you are. Enable viewers to “connect” to what you offer  watch your profile views go way up!!
  2. Think about a recent client experience and tell a story.
     Stories “share” information.  So share a prospect/client experience.   Remember that stories can be as short as three sentences.  Actually, they can be as short as 3 words. You need an opening, a point, and a close.
    For example:
    Enjoyed a fun day helping a client structure their blog article.  Great to see them enjoy “aha” moments when they “get it”.   Let me know if you’d also like an “aha” moment with your content creation!
  3. Find some news about your industry.
    Or news that affects your industry .. good or bad.  You gain credibility for your expertise and appear much more professional if you post from time to time on all that is going on within your business arena.   LinkedIn’s PULSE section is a good place to find articles of interest.  You can also simply google “what’s new in [your] industry?  Lots of ideas for posts will appear before your eyes.
  4. Focus in on each of your individual products and/or services.
    Take one specific item that you offer.  Pick one specific type of buyer for that item.  Write a post about “WHY” that one specific type of buyer buys your item. What do they get from it?  What does it do for them?   Remember … everything you offer is a HOW not a what.   Post about “HOW” your items enable life  to happen.  Keep doing this for each and every item you offer.  You’ll be buried in ideas for posts.
    For example:
    Item: sailboat
    Buyer: Single Men
    How: Impress dates by taking them sailing
  5.  Go for simply attracting people.
    You need “some” posts that simply attract people to what you do whether they have a need or not!   Images, images with texts,  appropriate quotes,  simple fun or just pretty videos … are all types of posts that will attract fish to your waters. You will attract suspects of which some will become prospects & clients immediately or over time.  Make the topics of all of the above relate to the final outcome of what people receive from your offers.
    For example:
    If you offer massages,  a simple photo of something that is “blissful & relaxing” will attract suspects. No need to mention your business.  Just start the matching process. The rest will come via other types of posts.
    Have to add one more technique that is magical.   As you come up with ideas via the 5 ways listed above, you may still have a bit of writer’s block.
    If this happens,  focus on your idea, BUT focus via your ‘heart” not your  mind.  Stories should flow.  It’s amazing!   ( if you do try this, please share your experience).
    A true experience when I first applied this 
    Focused on a tree via my mind:   I see the type of tree it is, size, shape, etc
    Focused on a tree via my heart:  I think about climbing trees as a kid.

Hope these ideas help you!   Once you know how to translate all that you do into “working” postings you will never run out of ideas for what to say online.  Plus you will want to be out there on the internet, sharing and meeting new prospects for new, repeat and referral business.  If you like what you read here, please share!

Enjoy …

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