Engaging …


How often do you engage with others?  When working?  At home? Standing in a line? On an airplane? Getting a hair cut?

And what happens when you do?  Do you feel a bond?  Do you learn something new?   Feel like you made a new friend?  Receive more insight for ways to go forward with a business deal?   Create a mutual respect?

Do you feel engaging has value?  Does it give you more appreciation?  Understanding?  Comfort?  Clarity?  Or maybe sometimes even uncover  information you are opposed to …  which can have a value of its own in multiple ways.

Engaging opens many doors and closes gaps. Engaging makes quality “connections” which are a lot stronger than just a “connection.” Many people say engaging is the key to quality communications.  What do you think? When done authentically and effectively, I say yes!

Can engaging be done in one action?   No. It has to begin and then evolve … with that 1st step often being the most difficult.  A great tip for being much more comfortable taking that 1st step is to activate your inner child and be curious!  Innocently & authentically curious!!  Be involved in the moment at hand, attentive & interested!    But even an initial “curious” inquiry has to land on the right foot. And people also often get lost for words.

Some tips for openings include:

  • Be in the moment at hand and identify what is shared in that moment the meeting you are at,  the location,  the organization, the cause.
  • Inquire about the interests that got the person to where you both are, the bigger picture of how you both got to this immediate moment you are sharing.
  • With the news of any day .. a simple how are you holding up with all that is happening?  Is this news about ______affecting you?  Reach out a hand, don’t tap dance, BUT  be aware of sensitivities!   First impressions count.
  • In business sales, bring up news about the company or its industry and/or what seeds the need for what your business provides as a solution.  Where do their needs come from?
  • Don’t force engaging.  Wait for appropriate moments.
  • Don’t assume other’s feelings and don’t make it be just about you …   it’s about them “with” you also sharing.
  • Don’t  interview,  i.e. ask a series of questions.  Engage as it flows.

In business, effective engaging is a must even if you are selling a candy bar.  Engaging creates interest and because we all know how to speak,  engaging is something we can take charge of and do our part for creating an effective inclusive business community and society.

Authentic  and productive engaging melts away ALL differences of sex, color, age, nationality, etc. The shared conversation, the quality of the communications,  the value of the exchanges brings inclusion to a diverse group of participants.

Engaging develops ideas, creates understanding,  offers insight, brings out new perspectives, breaks down & unites differences, fosters creativity, expands horizons.

Engaging creates trust, the necessary ingredient for ALL successful  communications goals.  Without trust, the  links within communications & relationships can and will break … anywhere at anytime.

Trust is a magical & key ingredient for bonding and strengthening communications and thus the relationships within our business & personal life that lead to inclusion within our community & society.

YES … engaging is key to creating quality communications and all the wonderful results that evolve from quality communications.


Here’s to your communications success!


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