How To ID Your Personal Business Brand via The LinkedIn Profile Page

It’s February!  The shortest month of the year that faster than lightenting takes us to March, i.e. the end of the first quarter! Father Time keeps on ticking so fast that its important to take on each day one at a time and maximize your use of them. A quick test for knowing how well you use each day is to write down every morning what you did the day before. See how you do! Sometimes it can be difficult to remember!

Writing down what you do each day is also an excellent way to help you ID your personal business brand. But if you really want to zero in on “knowing who you are in business” I recommend spending time on your LinkedIn's Profile Page. If you take advantage of all of its sections, it lets all who visit it know who you are and why. For you, it’s an exercise for thinking about yourself … how do you show up, i.e what is your personal business brand?

Let’s explore some of the primary sections of the LinkedIn Profile Page:

Headline: 120 characters that act as your calling card on LinkedIn. It requires that you reflect and communicate to who you want to work with, who you help and how, and in some cases your values & standards can be included in unique ways. The thinking that goes into these 120 characters causes you to take a good hard look at yourself …in detail!!

Summary: This section speaks to your potential clients . This is where you include messaging that will attract and connect your buyers to you. Knowing your “TRIFECTA” of knowledge will help you complete this. AND, while completing it you will reflect upon your values and standards as well as what will make you trustworthy.

Work Experience: This section of your profile page is best used not to share past jobs and what you “DID” there, but rather share what you LEARNED there. What did you gain from that work experience that you have brought with you to where you are today. Within this content your “standards” will be reflected. Pay attention to recognize what you see contributing to your standards as you have gained experience in your professional “being.”

Organizations, Volunteer Participation, Certificates, Patents, Publications, and more… are sections waiting for you to complete on the LinkedIn Profile Page. Fill them all out, as applicable, and much like the work experience section, you will begin to recognize and know your value.

These are a few of the highlights of how the profile page can help you. Everything on the page will give you a snapshot of your personal business brand. The posts you create, what you like, share, and comment on. Your writing style in Published Articles. I personally discovered, for myself, a consistent “look” to the images I choose for the headers on my published articles. So many ways for your personal business brand to appear before your very eyes.

If you would like to spend some time with me to help you elicit from your profile page your personal business brand, just contact me to set up a session! Also the A-Z LinkedIn Training for Q1 begins Feb 12th. An email will be going out later today! One whole session is on the profile page.

Also, through LinkedIn I have become connected with Karin Sebelin, who helps people develop personal business brands. You may want to visit her website and review her 10 Qualities Of A Person Of Trust,

What ever way you do it, take some time to know your personal business brand, and include it in all you do online and offline. Be aware… be attentive!!

Good Business is Good Communications ...
Here's to your success via online communications!

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