10 Tips For Creating & Knowing Your Personal Business Brand

Greetings All!

If you’ve been following my social media this week, you know my conversations have been all about identifying YOU via your personal business branding.

Do you ever find yourself saying,

  • that looks like a _____  item!
  • ” that has _____ written all over it!
  • you can tell that was done by _____”

Personal business brands give that association to your work and offers!  YOU become known along with your work. .And that attracts your buyers. And that creates a flow of the “three” all working together!   You’ve hear me refer to this trio as your Trifecta!!
Here are 10 tips for creating and knowing your personal business brand: 

  1. Be Authentic  –  Build your personal brand on your true personality. Reflect your values and your character.
  2. Be Consistent –   What behaviors of yours are consistent?  Which behaviors do you wish to make consistent?  Are you doing relevant things again and again within your business?
  3. Specialize –   Focus on one area of specialization.  Be precise with one unique skill.   It make you “special.”
  4. Have Authority –  Be seen as a recognized expert in your field, talented, experienced and effective.
  5. Distinguish Yourself –  Your brand must be unique in a way that is different from the competition and adds value to others.  It must be clearly defined  so that it can be quickly grasped and understood by your audience.
  6. Be Relevant  –  What you stand for should connect to what your target audience deems important.
  7. Be Visible —  Embed your brand into people’s minds via broadcasting it continuously and consistently.
  8. Be Persistent –   Personal business brands need time to grow as it should be developed organically.  Stick with it and don’t give up on it. Icons appear after long period of dedicated work, sacrifice, courage, planning and the patience to be persistent.
  9. Provide Goodwill – Be associated with values that are recognized as positive and worthwhile.
  10. Performance –  After your brand is known, you must perform and improve yourself continuously.   Personal business brands can be translated into personal balanced scored actions!!Source: Technological University of the Americas & Authentic Governance Institute

Be thinking about “your” personal business brand and how you are using it.  Are you using it?  Ask others how they might “brand” youl    I’ll be sharing more on this in the coming weeks.
Good Business is Good Communications …
Here’s to your success via online communications! 

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