What To Know About Your Buyers!

Here we are at Week 2 of the new year! I don’t know about you about it feels like a lot longer than that …. so many events have been taking place with new ideas and directions being presented …. It promises to be a great year. I hope you are feeling the same way!

Last week you received input on the value of leaving comments on social media posts. They can so easily open up doors for you. They also provide one way to learn about some of the more unknown aspects of your buyer's lifestyle.

This week you are receiving input on taking all that you know about your individual buyers and assigning this info to avatars that represent each of your individual buyer types! The more you can distinguish your buyer types and infuse all that you know into individualized avatars (or personas) with personalities and lifestyles that include ups and downs, fun tines and work time, personal interests, accomplishments and more … the easier it is to open up doors, create relationships, and guess what? ...sell what you offer not because of what it is, but because of what it does! What it adds to their personal selves within their lifestyles.
Here are some ideas on what to gather about your buyers:

  • The Obvious - age, sex, job, title/role, geo location
  • Going a Layer Deeper - family size, single, married, single parent, in-laws, type of home, i.e. house, apt, , rent or own, residential neighborhood, complex, city, rural, suburbs, private school for kids, public school, community activity, community organizations,
  • Key Attributes - sports, causes, their clients, donations, awards they have or qualify for, professional organizations,
  • Where and How do they receive their information - newspaper, social media, television, friends
  • What Is You Contribution To Their Life - a fresh perspective , an alternative viewpoint, resources to build their capabilities and skills
  • How Do You Enhance Their Life/Lifestyle– Make them happier, more informed, more creative

Gather as much as you can! It makes conversation much more unique, opens doors faster, bonds relationships in unique ways, and makes it so much easier to sell…. Well, let me say that this way … makes it easy for your buyers to ask you how they can purchase what you offer .. “How do I get that? “

You are always invited to contact me for help with this. Holiday savings are still available for my Trifecta and Strategy Training Sessions which include knowing all about your buyers and what to do with that information. Holiday savings expire on January 28th! Click Here!

Good Business is Good Communications ...
Here's to your success via online communications!

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