Turn “1” Idea Into “1” Week Of Mktg Content!

Do you struggle while thinking of what to talk about in your online communications? 
Maybe you become lost for ideas on types of content to share? In this article, I talk about how to create a week’s worth of online marketing messaging & content from one single thought. Sounds amazing, but it’s really pretty easy to do!

First let’s address coming up with that one thought!  Where do you go to get your thought? You could pick the first thought that randomly comes into your head.  You might get lucky and have that work. However …

If you want to add some purpose to your thought, there are two places to go:

1. The Buying / Selling Process we’ve been talking about quite a bit in the mailings:

-> Attract: What thoughts bring your future buyers to your “waters”?

-> Connect: What thoughts “catch” the specific attention of your buyers?

-> Engage: What thoughts share your products/services with your prospects?

-> Convert: What thoughts have your prospects to asking how they can buy?

2. The components of your business. Your business provides solutions to problems …. This includes:

-> Source of the problem, want or need. (Demographics, activities, lifestyle)

-> Actual problem, want or need.

-> What you do .. process you use in matching your solution to want/need.

->The result – What people receive via your product or service.

-> Your passion .. why you do what you do.

Look within all of the above and think via your heart! Ideas flow when you focus on your heart vs your mind. Try it!

Here is an example of one thought expanded into a week of content is:

THOUGHT: Healthy food is more expensive. Bad food cost less. 

For your blog post, main article, or a message to an email list You might go to the “source” of the problem. How did this come about?  Convenience? Busy Lives? Fast food? etc.   Create an opinion article … Question if it really is more expensive … agree that maybe in a one–to-one comparison it is cheaper, but over time as you eat more cheaper food your health costs may increase, energy may be lower in school and at work so that you are less productive, etc and ask, which is more costly?  And so on …

Three short articles :

1. Compare 5 unhealthy foods vs 5 healthy foods. — Show differences in cost, calories, nutrition, convenience

2. Fun ways to change your eating lifestyle and stay on budget – Cover services such as Hello Fresh , etc.

3. Compute difference in cost of a one day menu with bad food and with good food. – Upon arriving at the difference in cost, what does it equate to in what might be given up in other areas of life… gas, starbucks, movies.

Social Media Posts …

1. Photo of shrimp cocktail vs French fires

2. Before and after photo of person who switched to healthy eating lifestyle

3. Photo of butter & salt .. Is this your addiction?

4. Link to a step 1 for transitioning to healthy eating habits.

5. Video for how to choose breakfast cereals

6. Link to intake form to get started eating a healthy diet

7. Photo of family eating ice cream cones … and written below in text:

When is this a bad moment? When is this a good moment?

Think you can do it? Come up with your one thought and see how creative you can be! Remember to concentrate on your “heart” while coming up with your variations … I promise they will appear right before you!!

Be #communicationsstrong

Here’s to your communications success!


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