Monthly Archives: February 2017


Here we are at the beginning of February! How are you doing?

do-it-1432946_640I just came out of a meeting in which we continue to plan “ahead” for what we “will” do, “want” to do, “should” do, etc. It repeats itself each and every time we meet and everyone, for some reason, walks out of the meeting feeling like something got accomplished. Really?

Can any of you relate? Does it resemble a pattern of behavior you see around you?

When I paused to reflect on this, I thought about myself. Even though I classify myself as a doer, there are times when I find “other’ things to do to justify my feelings of accomplishment vs what I really had originally intended. End result is that I don’t get to what I “want” to do, “should” do or thought I “would” do!

Last time I experienced this I caught myself and asked, “what is my purpose today?” I recited it to myself in very clear terms. Having implemented this several times now, it is working for me. It get me clear, on track and dive in and “do it.” My purpose is achieved.

If any of what I am sharing hits home with you … recite your purpose for your day, your task, your meeting, etc out loud … get yourself on track and DO IT!

Is it to …write a blog? Make 10 calls a day? Redo your website?. Learn how to be in control of LinkedIn? Create content? Be in charge of your social media resources? Know how to use your social media resources? Make new connections online?

Time goes by too fast. 2016 went by in a flash. Make each and every moment of 2017 serve your PURPOSE for the year. DO IT!