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Be Curious! It Changes Everything!

Be Curious! There is no better message to send for maximizing these last few months of 2021 than the message of “being curious!” I’ve been exercising it and it’s a magic ticket to opening new doors, new contacts, new opportunities and new business!!!

Toddlers are wonderful at being curious. Is there anything more pure? When we are young, we are in such awe of the simplest things… taking in each new experience, item, taste, sound 200% …with such a wholeness as we connect to each new experience. Then something happens … I don’t know when, but at some point we decide we know the answers … no more exploring… no more curiosity. And it gets worse when we decide we know the answers & outcomes to future events and happenings.  And then we wonder why we feel old???? How dare we!

Pull out your curiosity as you go into these final months of the year. Wipe your mind clean of all pre-conceived notions and take on each day with “curiosity!” Take a walk and look around as if you were a toddler….. see what you discover of interest. Why is that tree different? How was that door designed? What is the most popular car in your neighborhood? Just start asking questions of all you see! Bet you discover some items you’ve never noticed before.

Another way to exercise curiosity is to realize that “everything” is a miracle. Take that thought and look around. The pencil on your desk at one point in time was a miracle! Who thought of this idea? The streetlights were at one time a miracle! Who designed the first streetlight and what is the story behind it?  So many things around us that we just take for granted and yet, I bet, have fascinating stories to discover and know.

Be curious with each other!! Show interest. Ask questions. Inquire about one’s day or week! Is there anyone who doesn’t feel a bit better when someone they know shows an interest in what they’ve got going on?  Cares about how they are doing?  It just takes some curiosity and a question or two to make someone’s day and therefore, your day will be made as well!

And how many times have I heard business professionals say they don’t know what to say at networking events and/or online with messaging, etc.  Just be curious!  Go up to someone and simply ask how did you happen to come to this event? Be curious!!  Online & offline, be curious about your prospects. Ask questions! Be interested! Explore! It’s not about you … it’s all about them. Be curious!!

Maybe there is an uncomfortable emotional situation that needs to be managed but you don’t know how? Ask caring questions such as can I help you sort this out? Or can we talk about what brought you to this point?  Be curious but again, also caring …. with sensitivity to your timing.

In business, there is no need to sell your prospects. Simply be curious and ask them questions! Find the needs they have that match your solutions and discover how you and your prospect are a win/win!!! Also be interested in the industry you share with them … the industry that seeds the needs for which you have solutions. Inquire about how they arrived in this industry, what their role involves. Share your own interest and participation in this industry and how it might relate to them. Be curious!!! Uncover all the nuances that will lead your clients to you because … as you show interest, they in turn will be interested in you!

Curiosity will open doors!  Curiosity will create new relationships! Curiosity will develop new business!  Curiosity will build trust, credibility, and loyalty.

Take on the remaining months of 2021 with curiosity!!!  Continue being curious throughout 2022!!  Then share your success stories with me… I’ll be waiting!

Curiosity has been keeping me busy with several new aspects to my business.  The newest is forming a membership group, something that has been mentioned to me but I always have “pre-answered”,(without knowing more), that a membership group would not apply to me! Well, finally last spring I became curious!!!  I explored all that membership groups are and who has them and for what reasons.  Long story short, I am so excited ( like a little kid) that I became curious and am in the process of creating a membership group for those who are not comfortable, have a fear, or are just not successful with selling!  I will be launching it soon with a very low founding member fee. The number of founding members will be limited so if you would like to be on the list of “first to know” when the launch opens, send me an email, and I will include you. IT IS GOING TO BE GREAT!!!

Couple of other exciting things are also happening … thanks to being curios…. but will wait to share in future posts!  Until then, BE CURIOUS!!! You will find new energy & new opportunities!!

Be #communicationsstrong

Here’s to your communications success!