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Original & Authentic Connections To Buyers! ( 4 of a 4 part series)

Welcome to the 4th and last article in a four part series on creating authentic messaging for authentic and strong connections to our buyers.

In this last article we continue along the buyer journey to the engage and convert stages. So far in our journey, our buyers needs have not been active, but once their seeded needs sprout, our buyers are ready to “engage” with us. They have specific objectives that are driving their needs and are happy to hear about what we have for them! This said … I stress …”have for THEM.” We must find out what they are trying to achieve from our offerings and then present each feature of our product/service as a match for achieving THEIR interests/needs/requirements, etc.

Their level of need must also be identified. Is their need JUST sprouting and they are simply looking around OR is their need an emergency in which our offerings were needed “yesterday!” (as the expression goes).

Finding out the level of need enables you to match items to your buyers needs that go beyond the product or service. The speed of delivery can be what makes the difference OR if not in emergency mode, perhaps the sharing of a free demo they could try for a week or a free introductory seminar that will be happening.

Along the same lines, it’s extremely important to know that the reason people buy from us can have nothing to do with the offering itself. Our product/service of course has to fit a need … but others suppliers can offer the same or close. Additional factors that can enable us to get the business include pricing, method of payment, our sales process, training, scheduling of training, location, parking, warranties, follow-up, loyalty programs … the list is huge. AND sometimes it’s simply US they want! We become the reason because they like to work with us …. never forget that! The point is that it is important that we bring up ALL factors that can make a difference between our buyers choosing us over the competition because we just never know what the trigger button might be!

An example I use to further understand this is “going out to eat.” Food is what is being bought but the location, price, parking, dress, quality of food, service, and maybe a favorite waiter can be the deciding factors on where we end up dining!

Converting a prospect into a client, i.e. asking for the sale is often feared! But it really is a natural process and can be easily done. One of the first things to realize is that no prospect will spend time engaging with us if they were not expecting us to ask for the sale. And you are really their hero as you are servicing their need(s). You have the solution for them .. you are the helper, the miracle worker …. you are the hero!!

A really easy process to use for asking for business is as follows…. basically you just ask them for agreement. From your engagement process, you have a list of items that they need/want. Review the list with them and every few items pause and ask them to agree that your product/service is a match. At the end simply say, “given that we have a perfect match here for what you require to make a purchase, what do we need to do to put this together?” OR, “what do we need to do to make this happen?” They will lay out the next steps … maybe financing, maybe more decision makers, maybe they pull out a contract and give you a check!

Whatever the next step is, you are now working as a team because if there is more to be done, you may have solutions or referrals for what the missing final pieces might be. Worse case you are able to comfortably stay in touch with them about the status of the sale without feeling rude or that you are being the “pushy salesperson!” If the next step is a check and you’ve got the sale …. you become a partner in the success of the use of your product/service going forward … and hopefully your new relationship will bring you new, repeat & referral business.

I hope this series has been beneficial … your questions and comments are welcomed!

Till then be #communicationsstrong

Here’s to your communications success!