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Let’s Connect & Make Connections In 2022!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2022 IS ABOUT CONNECTING & MAKING CONNECTIONS  ~ ~  And the best place to initiate connections for our business growth, believe it or not, is within ourself! Having clarity on the starting point of our connections with others sets the direction for what we need and seek for connections to and from our business and to and from our buyers.

To be truly connected we need to be truly emersed in all the primary components of our business … what I refer to as the trifecta of “source”
for all business communications…the buyer, our business, and our self … and it begins with ourself.

It’s a practice that is done by many at this time of the year, when we are all “bright eyed and bushy tailed” for refreshing and upping our game. But a single review of our “connectivity” at the beginning of the year is hardly enough. Without continually re-syncing our connection to ourselves and our “trifecta”… logically, emotionally, purpose and passion,etc  … gaps will open and enlarge as time slips by. Existing and new connections will become looser and looser and we can find ourselves way off track in who we are pursuing for business success. We might find ourselves lost on a path to lower paying clients, missing the mark for what our business is truly all about, simply connecting to what is easy and convenient for what will get us by? Is anything resonating??

How often should it be? Some people practice it daily with a short morning meditation. If that works for you, I applaud it!  Otherwise, no less than weekly is what I recommend.  It simply involves connecting ourselves to our business…. be you a business owner or employee. Take a quiet moment to truly connect your mind and your heart to the three elements of business conversation for your business…

1) Reflect upon yourself. Why are you a part of the industry and why and why are you in your current role? How did you get here? What are the emotions, passions, goals, values and PURPOSE for you behind being here.

2) Reflect on your connectivity with your buyers .. what do you have in common industry wise and even purpose wise with those you seek as a connection for your business.  What is the ideal mindset they will have… industry wise, career wise, goals, passion, ambition, feelings, etc. And of course how does what you offer play into the results they envision for
themselves and for the work that they do! What is the tightest connection?

3) Reflect upon all elements of your business .. the individual products and services and how they deliver results that provide the answers and solutions being sought after by your “connections!” Go through each offering, via you mind and heart, and reflect upon the value they hold for others.

Follow this practice and feel a recharging of energy within yourself to the elements of your business. Have clarity for your outreach to your connections .. where, when, how, why and WHO! Be confident, excited, ready for identifying and securing the matches that qualify as the best connections for your business success.

If you’d like some assistance for becoming familiar with your trifecta, custom training is always available. I also recommend my Content Marketing and Messaging Expertise program in which  working 1-on-1 we cover it all and more! Click here for details! 

Happy New Year!!  #communicationsstrong
Here’s to your communications success in 2022!