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2022 Is A Year For “Communications!”

COMMUNICATIONS! COMMUNICATIONS! COMMUNICATIONS! For 2022, it’s the new “Location! Location: Location!” cry for 2022 success!.

Happy New Year!   2022 is tomorrow and I wish you the most successful of years, business wise and health wise!   Contributing to both will be what I’m talking about here … communications!!   Have you noticed that everywhere you look, quality communications is the prescription for making everything better and positioned for success!  It is the newly recognized “glue.”

By “communications” I mean, engaging and going deeper into conversations than just surface chit chat … exploring the why’s, how’s and what’s that are behind and/or beneath what is being shared and discussed in engaging communications. You might call it “tending” to the topic at hand … giving whatever is being discussed,attention and care …”tending” to the elements within our conversations with others –  both written and verbal!

Communicating is the “newly” prescribed cure for:
– Seller to buyer success
– Leadership success
– Team and peer-to-peer success
– Management success especially with hybrid office situations
– Family success
– Relationship success
– Self-confidence success, our conversations with ourselves!

WHERE & HOW to begin?  

  1. Be aware! Look for the needs & opportunities: 
    Where are your weak links with people,
    Where are your weak links with yourself?
    What needs to be strengthened?
    What needs to be “tended” to?
  2. Begin engaging with what you have in common with the other person:
    What do you share?
    What is a common denominator between your lives?
    The ideas can be many especially depending upon what you are trying to improve. Maybe its:
    – how you both ended up working at the same company?
    – a currently shared success?
    – how the drive in the pouring rain was that AM?
    – liking of what one is wearing & story behind it?
    – what made you fall in love?
    …again.. something you have in common where there “is” strength”
  3. Lead the conversation from the strength to the weakness and then ask questions to get agreement on the weakness. DO NOT ACCUSE anyone of weakness. The mindset is that “A SITUATION” is not working.
  4. Explore and encourage a sharing of thoughts, feelings, ideas for improving,”the situation” i.e. develop a feeing of camaraderie and fellowship … remembering that both and/or all participants are respected and valuable.
  5. Tend to the deeper elements of the weakness. Really nurture shared ideas and thoughts within your communications so that all discussed will be remembered and given attention after the immediate communications are over. Godeep. Go beyond surface chit chat which will accomplish nothing.
  6.  Enjoy a strengthened “situation” and/or an elimination of a problem!  But keep your eye on it as it solidifies… .managing its twists and turns as all progresses into the next “situation” that needs tending to!

Can these 6 steps be applied to written communications, marketing communications, all business communications?  Absolutely, YES, the same used as you develop your communications strategies.  Giving guidance and direction
on this is what I do. Apply it to simply conversations, marketing campaigns,
selling …. where ever you need strengthening and/or a sale!!

Happy New Year!! Let me know how I might be of assistance in 2022.
Here’s to your communications success in 2022!



Why & How “Storytelling” Works In Business & Everywhere!

How great is it to have a captive audience? 
 When your listeners hang on to every word you say as you speak to a group or even just a single individual!   There are some people who experience this magic every time they speak.  You can probably think of a few right now who always have people stop and listen to every word they say.

“Let me tell you a story” is an opening that captures an attentive audience pretty consistently! Stories have a successful track record from our childhood to adulthood  in making us stop and listen.   When someone says, “let me tell you a story,” you can almost feel a shift in your “being” as you go into a more relaxed mode.  You sit back and listen, and “connect!

So what is it about stories?  What do stories do?   First they get our attention, directing us away from where we are. Then something happens and we become totally attentive as the story unfolds. Lastly closure is provided.  Each segment flows to the next.  AND within each segment, each sentence connects and flows to the next as do each of the words used in each sentence … bringing you into the “tide” of the story, and keeping you there (via the structure) until the ending!

When a story ends, you walk away with a complete A-Z communication that via its completeness has been listened to and heard.  The pieces “connect & flow” AND MOST IMPORTANTLY the “communication” is remembered because of the “closure” that is used.  How often, when asked to describe a book or a movie, do you maybe get fuzzy on the pieces of the “happening” but you can always share how it ends …right?

The story structure works wonderfully, as you would expect, when telling an actual story and/or when putting your marketing message into a story scenario.  BUT ALSO, the story structure works wonderfully in ALL types of communications.

Lets break down the structure of a story as you might implement it in ALL types of communications:

    Openings are used to catch attention, set the stage, get your listeners & readers in sync,  get your listeners & readers positioned & ready to hear the next part of your communication. Openings can vary in style:
    Targeting:  Are You A 45+ Year Old Runner?
    Introductory Statement:  A love of soccer is sweeping the USA!!!
    Actual Story Telling:  A Financial Planning client came into my office today.  His pain was great and his stress level high!
    From the stage that is set in the opening, a message is shared. The message might be:
    An announcement
    Sharing of information.
    Adding life with scenarios of the statement
    Making a point.

    Sharing emotions.
    A happening.
    An actual story

    Closure provides completeness, an ending  …
    something that is required by our human DNA.  We look for it in everything we do, from eating dessert, to knowing the answer to a mystery, to getting over a loved one’s death, to finishing a book,  to graduating from schools ,… we thrive on having “closure & completeness!”
    When you provide closure, even in the simplest of communication it is like dotting the “i” and crossing the “t.”  If you don’t provide it, you can get by without it … people usually know what you mean or fill in their own closure, BUT it is so much stronger and you make a much more cleaner “complete” connection when you do dot the “i” & cross the “t.”
    Adding closure to all your business communications, short & long  will add that extra glue for connecting to and captivating your audiences. Closure can be of several types with each type, in one way or another, summarizing & delivering the WHY of your communications. Some of the types are:
    Simple Statement:  See You There!
    Call To Action:  
     Buy Now!  
     Cheers & Joy!
    Direct WHY:  
    To Your HEALTH!
    A Result:  
    They lived happily ever after.

Use the structure of a story in ALL your communications, short & long. Here is a short communication shown with partial use of a story structure and then with complete use of the story structure:

  1. With partial story structure– using Opening & Message only.
    Greetings! Have a wonderful day.
    This can work, i.e you can get by with this. Does it captivate?
  2. With complete story structure–  adding a “closure” with the WHY.
    Greetings! Have a wonderful day. You deserve it.

Quietly say both of  these greetings to yourself as though you are receiving them from someone else and see if you experience an extra “bond” when (the why) “you deserve it” is added at the end. Specifically including the “why” … not assuming it .. provides immediate clarity for “connecting!”  AND I ask you, which greeting “captivates” you more?

There are so many ways to apply the story structure to your business communications for having captive audiences. Turning your marketing messages into stories is an obvious and very KEY way.  Structuring “ALL” your communications around the story structure is a bigger way that will enable you to tremendously increase your connectivity with all audiences both online AND offline.

If you are catching on to what I am sharing, start creating your communications  with the story structure and let me know the differences you experience.

If you are not quite comfortable with how you would start using the story structure, I  invite you to schedule a private workshop with me for assistance.  We can customize a workshop specific to your business and your learning needs. Your email or phone call is welcomed.  310-306-1453 or  You also may be interested in my Content Marketing & Messaging Expertise Program … click here for all details:

In today’s business world, making less than “complete” connections with your audiences is almost equal to making no connections. There is just too much information out there.  You can’t afford to be lost in the crowd.  You must know how to  “captivate”  will all your communications.

Join me in saying, “YES” To Having Captive Audiences!

Enjoy ….