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Where & How To Find “Specific” Types Of Contacts Online!

Twitter  and  LinkedIn, are two online resources where you can search for specific types of contacts; CEO’s, VP’s, Business Owners, Runners, Moms, and anything else you may want to connect with!

Twitter offers a more casual environment that also provides “immediate” engagement.  You can search for CEO’s, VP’s, Business Owners, Moms, Runners, Seniors, etc and start immediately engaging with their tweets if you like!

How it works is you log into your Twitter account and simply put the “type” of contact you are looking for in the search window.  A list of “people” will appear in the dropdown.  The very last option on the dropdown is “search all people for [type]”   A full page of people, three across, will be presented!  This is when you can also filter your results by those closest to you geographically.  As you start  exploring each one, you’ll know which ones are active and available to engage with.

7 Ideas For “What To Talk About” In Online Business Postings!

7 Ideas For “What To Talk About” In Online Business Postings!
Are you one of many out there who can never think of what to talk about in your online business postings? It is probably the one factor that makes people “think” social media takes too much time … they never know what to say!

The fact is there is so very much for you to share as business people! There are endless thoughts, types of information, news, insights, etc available to you. There is absolutely no reason to ever suffer from writer’s block.

Here are 7 ideas for “what to talk about” in your online postings. Take them to heart and they will propel you into an endless generation of awesome business postings. Postings that will attract, connect and convert your readers into clients. Postings that help you grow your business! More…

5 Ways To Post About Your Business Without Talking About Your Business

How do you talk about your business in daily online postings without appearing to be selling, advertising, simply trying to push people into doing business with you?

How can I post about my business, but mix it up. Make my postings be related to my business but be more interesting and not all sound the same?

These are questions I get asked quite frequently. And there are so many answers. There are literally unlimited ways to post about your business comfortably AND in a variety of “original” interesting ways.

Here are just 5 ways for you to post about your business without talking about your business: More…

How Did You Name Your Business? Some Food For Thought.

How did you name your business? Did you choose a name to make a statement, have an energy of its own? Did you intend it to be a reflection, a symbol or perhaps send a message?

There can be a lot to think about when choosing a name for one’s business and sometimes the names just come easily! You usually begin with some kind of “starting” principle or point of reference, just as you do when naming a baby or even a pet! But then what happens?

Let’s look at a few major companies and how they chose their names: More…